Using this interactive documentation

In order to use the "Try it out!" feature of the API documentation, you will need to provide your API key and shared secret. These items can be found in the Private Studio section of your account settings on the Alteryx Gallery.

All Alteryx question types are supported except for the following:

  • Trees
  • File Browse
  • Maps

For your own client, you will need to implement or use third-party signature generation code based upon the OAuth 1.0a standard. A free, open-source collection of libraries in many languages can be found at

The Alteryx API does not implement the full three-legged OAuth 1.0a flow. Instead, we only require the signature generation. This is sometimes called a one-legged flow. Please see the OAuth 1.0a specification for information, paying special attention to the Signing Process section.

In addition to the parameters specified in each API method below, the following parameters are required for every API call:

  • oauth_consumer_key
  • oauth_signature_method (must be HMAC-SHA1)
  • oauth_signature
  • oauth_timestamp
  • oauth_nonce

You may also reference a fully functional sample Alteryx client in C# or JavaScript.

When making API requests, please note the following:

  • The oauth_version paramater is optional, but if present, must be 1.0
  • Any additional parameters starting with oauth_ will be ignored.